Our Pricing

Here’s what you get:

When You Order Audiencer


Cut down research time

Audiencer is proven to help you find interests much faster


Uncover hidden interests

Go past the 25 limit you now have in the Ads Manager and take full advantage of the Marketing API


Self Learning App

Audiencer learns from what you search, what you save in your audiences to get you the best suggestions for your niche


Campaign Planner

Plan your adsets ahead. Know how many adsets you can create before spending any money on your ads.


Ideal For Agencies & Freelancers

We built Audiencer with scalability in mind. You can research for as many clients and projects as you want without interfering with each other. Always come back to your past work for quick access


Community Support Group

Our group is growing and it became the fastest way for you to get answers to your questions regarding targeting and campaigns in general


Stellar Email Support

We solve most of our tickets within 24-48 hours, many times much faster. Email us at support@audiencer.io and see how fast you get a response.


Find high affinity interests and lower your CPCs

The more you narrow on your interests, the higher the affinity for a given niche the users have. The higher the affinity, the higher the chance for your adsets to perform better.


Proprietary Relevance Metrics

We don’t just give you interests. We also tell you how relevant they are to your niche, based on how frequently they’re being used by our customers for their targeting. Of course, use your best judgement before spending money on a campaign 🙂


Never Lose Or Mess Up Your Work

We’ve been there. Saving interests to notepad files and Excel spreadsheets sucks. Big time. So we solved this problem. After you saved an interest to one of your audiences, you can always get back to them to use them in another campaign.


Easily Analyse Each Interest You Want To Target

Use Audience Insights to verify interests in a much faster way. Decide what’s best for you


Integrated With Google & Facebook Search

Found an interest and you don’t know what it is? One click and you’re off to Google with the answer already there.


Addaptive Suggestions

We don’t just give you suggestions for all your interests like you get in the Ads Manager. We let you choose what interests to get suggestions for


Niche Recommendations

If your niche has been previously researched, then you will find interests right off the bat. Without doing any search. At all


Newbie Friendly

No idea what to search for? Use the search roulette. It’ll give you some pointers


Almost zero learning curve

We made Audiencer as intuitive as possible so you don’t face a steep learning curve when using it.


Powerful training

We have a series of videos to get you started. You can start searching right away, but we recommend you go through all our training to get the most of Audiencer.

30 days no questions asked money back guarantee

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