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Some of our success stories

Ryan Ellis

Started using Audiencer today and I’m impressed with how fast it is to discover new interests to target and to analyse them.

Plus, the app learns from what people research and gives you high affinity interests to target right off the bat.

Totally love it!


One of my biggest challenges when doing audience research is finding good interests to target.

Of course, nothing will ever beat testing an audience with real ads, but having an app that points you to the right interests for your niche gives you a good head start.

For me, this meant less money wasted on the wrong people and therefore, cheaper ads and better ROAS.

Sorin Constantin

Audiencer rocks. Running 3 campaigns simultaneously that are still going green, all thanks to Audiencer.

By the way, the level of support these guys are providing is exceptional.

I got stuck on something right after I logged in, dropped an email and got a response in less than 10 minutes. That’s the way to support your customers.

Discover Hidden Interests via The API

In the ads manager, you’re limited to 25 results for both the search function and the suggestions functionality.

At Audiencer, we’re using the Marketing API to bring you the full list of interests that would come as results of your searches.

Navigate further as much as you’d like and hand pick the best interests for your campaign.

Lower Your CPC With High Affinity Interests

Audiencer will help you leverage the “no one else” trick by showing you those interests that will put your ad in front of the most passionate users in your niche.

If you don’t know what it means, it’s pretty easy .. keep reading.

In just a few words, it’s that thing (topic, buzzword, public figure, brand, tool, etc) only the fanatics in your market will know about and nobody else.

A quick example so you understand.

Everybody knows about fishing hooks and fishing in general, but only people really into fishing will know what angling is.

This means that if you’re in the fishing niche, you have way better chances when targeting “angling” than when targeting “fishing”.

Speed Up Your Research And Save Time On The Way

With Audiencer, interests research becomes much easier.

You know the old way: have a notepad next to you, go to insights, type in some keyword, check audience size, do a search in the Ads Manager, see if that interest is related if it has the right size, then write it down, then move on to the next one, then grab suggestions for all of them.

This takes a lot of time. In fact, it takes way longer than it should.

With Audiencer, you don’t need to do any of that.

You simply start by creating an audience inside of your project and point it to your niche. If there has been any research on that niche in the past (and chances are it is), you will see a few interests in our “starters” section, right there for you to grab.

From there, you just build up and keep asking for suggestions and adding the interests you find the most relevant for your niche.

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We LOVE Data

We love data and we love learning from it. Here are some of our stats since we launched the platform (users served, searches ever ran, interests discovered):






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We Love Working With


Agencies that run ad campaigns for their clients and need targeting research with each new onboarded client.

Freelance Advertisers

Not yet an agency but still serving clients? We can help you too

Marketers & Consultants

Selling courses or consultance? Audiencer might help you

Ecom Store Owners

New Single Product Store? Multi niche store? You might need to find some interests ...

Marketing Teams

Wether you work in an agency or a startup, you may need to reach out to your perfect customers at some point ...

Solopreneurs / Beginners

If you're just starting out in your ads journey, interest targeting might be your best friend

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More features ...

Addaptive Suggestions

You know how most people recommend you keep typing interests and get suggestions based on what you are currently targeting.

Well, we took this process to the next level: from the entire list of interests in your collection, you can grab a few only and get suggestions for those (without continually deleting and adding to your list like you’d normally do in the audience builder).

Why’s this useful? Let’s look at the “dog trainers” niche for example:.

Normally, you’d start your search with “dogs” but that’s too broad. So get smart about it and try dog training stuff. Discover “conformation show”, “clicker training” or “obedience training”.

The more you focus on a single "niched" category of interests, the more you will be able to go deeper and deeper with your research. Ain't this awesome?

Easily analyse each interest you want to target

Just by looking at the related pages on the insights page, you can tell for sure if an interest should be part of your campaign or not.

This is why, with a single click of a mouse, you can see if an interest you just found has the proper size for you to target, search for it on Google and figure out if it fits your overall strategy.

… or get suggestions from that interest only and see what else can you find.

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Niche Recommendations

We’ve got a collection of over 1000 niches and associated interests for them.

When researching, just tell us what your niche is, or who is your target customer and you will get recommended interests right away, without doing any search at all.

This is a great time saver, especially when you don’t know what to search for or you don’t know your niche very well as you just took on a new client to run ads for.

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The new standard in Interests Targeting

We combine human knowledge and computer power to give you the best suggestions for your target customer.

All we need from you is to tell us who are you targeting

Search Faster

With Audiencer, you speed up your research work and therefore, you save time on the way.

Even if you don’t know what to search, you will still find your way

Never Lose Your Work

Whenever you found an interests that you want to target, you can save it to your interests collection.

If you want to refer to it later, you’ll find it there.

Innovative Recommendation Engine

We use a powerful recommendations engine that groups interests with similar tags.

This makes it easier for us to give you the best recommendations for your target customer.

Powerful Training

Even though our UI is super easy to use, we recommend you go through all of our training videos first. It will give you an overview of all the features and how you can get the most from using our software.

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