Ever wondered why airplanes almost never crash? It’s because pilots double check everything …

Smart Checklist Helps You Setup Your Campaign Correctly

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How Much Did You Waste

So Far On Failed Campaigns?

Good question!

I sure did waste a lot of time and money because I didn’t pay attention to details…

I am talking from my own experience here. A few months back I installed a theme on my Shopify store that was supposed to improve my conversions.

Wrong move. I wasted over $1000 in ad spend because of that theme because I didn’t pay attention to details.

Plus the $240 I paid for the theme which were never refunded.

Any idea how many things can go wrong inside of a campaign?

Wrong URLs, pixels not being installed or not firing properly, add to cart buttons not working, site loading too fast (even though it’s ok for you), not knowing what your visitors are doing on your site … just to name a few.

If you don’t have a system in place, chances your new camp will fail are … quite high. 

So how do you stay away from this?

It’s actually really simple …

You just need a system in place, an organized way of double checking everything before hitting PUSH on your campaign.

And for that, we built a 7 pages checklist with all you need to check & fix to make sure you’re good.

For each of the 31 points, we give you an explanation and pointers.

Of course, the list covers multiple verticals from ecom to leadgen, so only deal with what applies to your own business.

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